Dallas’ Best Sports Bars

Dallas is home to the Cowboys and the Mavericks and while sports are popular in the city, it’s only one aspect that makes this a unique, fun, and lovable place to be. Many sports bars add to the grown and sexy fun adults in Dallas can enjoy. The following sports bars are among the best in the city. You can spend an evening in any of these bars and enjoy your time to the fullest, or you can earn your TABC license and get behind the scenes of the excitement.

Lakewood Landing

Lakewood Landing is the bar where everyone knows your name, at least when the night is over. Fun, friendly environments are always best for an evening of fun, and when combined with strong drinks like those served at Lakewood Landing, you’re in for an unbelievable evening.

Eastbound and Down Icehouse

Located in East Dallas, this is one of the newest clubs in the city, but nonetheless one that has made a name for itself and proven it has what it takes for an unforgettable evening of fun. The Eastbound and Down Icehouse appeals to the hipster crowd and has a wide menu of beverage choices to pick from.

City Tavern

In the heart of downtown, the City Tavern provides businessmen and women the chance to have a drink after a long day at the office. It’s a relaxing, upbeat atmosphere, with patio tables and lots of great music.

Angry Dog

Don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing angry going on inside this bar. Instead, there are plenty of strangers becoming friends, strong drinks, and loud music, sure to provide you an unforgettable and adventurous evening.

There are tons of great bars and clubs scattered about Dallas. The names listed above are only the start of the many great places that you can enjoy an evening of fun.